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The timescale between accepting an offer and moving into your new home is generally at least 3 months. To ensure you achieve the best price possible and to put you in the strongest negotiating position possible you need to be actively marketing your property before you start looking. You do not want to find a property first as this puts you under pressure to sell your home, which could result in you having to accept a lower offer to ensure you do not lose your new property.

Safety First

Your security is paramount to use, so if you would rather a member of staff showed people around your home let us know and we will be happy to accommodate this. Should anyone ever try to view your property without an appointment never show them around always ask them to contact us, so we can carry out the necessary security checks.

Kerb appeal

Selling your home can be a competitive business, having good ‘kerb appeal’ will be vital as potential buyers will check out the area and make firm judgements on your property. The best ways to maximise your chances of getting potential buyers through the door are;

It is vital that your property looks presentable on the outside, as this will be the first thing your viewer will notice. It’s common sense; take a step back and try to be objective. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and think about what will appeal to them.

Try to do all the overdue maintenance jobs where possible. Is the garden gate falling off? Is the paintwork flaking on the windows? Could the front door do with a lick of paint? Improving all the small things will contribute to the larger picture.

If you have a front garden make sure the lawn is mowed, foliage is cut back and the area is devoid of any rubbish or clutter. Keep the path clear and remove any dead hanging baskets. Children’s toys should be put away and if possible bins should be stored away.

First Impressions

Always make sure the property is clean and tidy as a large percentage of people make their buying decision within the first 10 seconds. Anything that can create an open space in a room is ideal, so any items of furniture or ornaments that are not essential should be stored away.

De-personalising and de-cluttering is another great way to allow buyers to view with a non-personal eye.

Minor Improvements

A coat of paint for the front door (or anywhere else needed), cleaning the tile grouting or re-grouting, replace any cracked tiled, split or worn lino, maybe a new door mat anything that smartens up the property can only help.

When buyers see several minor jobs that have never been completed it may indicate that the house has been neglected.

Strong and unpleasant smells are another no-no!

Loving members of the family!

Whilst you may be an animal lover, not everybody is and unwanted attention by cats or dogs can put a would-be buyer off. When possible leave the pet with a neighbour or maybe in your car for the duration of the viewing and ensure the house is free from any pet smells.


Ensure the outside area of the property is at its best. Gardens are a real selling feature.

Viewers First!

Always allow the viewer to enter the room before you as this will allow them to appreciate every benefit the room has to offer, especially true for the small room. Make sure the most impressive room is the last room to be shown - you want to create that lasting impression.


Remember, nobody likes the ‘hard’ sell. Tell the viewer about any improvements you have carried out, the positive points of the property and if appropriate mention the local amenities.


Should a prospective buyer show an interest in your property, never let them know the figure you would accept. Even if they offer you the asking price, as them to make the offer through us, so we can check their financial situation and get you the best price possible.

Direct contact

Never give out your telephone number, even to someone who has made an offer. Many problems are experienced when this occurs. You are paying us to provide a service, so explain to them you would rather all contact came through us. This is what we are trained to do.

Careful not to pay 2 fees!

As you start to market your property, you may find that other agents will write or contact you offering their services. Should this occur please contact us as we need to make sure you do not become liable for 2 agency fees.

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