Deep Local Roots

With humble beginnings in trading of commodities and food since the early 1900’s, Global Group has been able to build a portfolio of investments in industrial development such as; printing, manufacturing of exercise books and milling along with real estate development, construction, trading, commercial buildings, tourism and sea salt production.

With the blessings of our spiritual father DR SYEDNA MOHAMMED BURHANUDDIN SAHEB(TUS) , the leader of Dawoodi Bohra community and the history of five generations since the early 1900’s in Tanzania, deeply rooted in Global group's owners and a portfolio of diverse investments, we have positioned ourselves to share our wealth of experiences with potential investors and facilitate to establish successful investments in this country in the quickest, most secure, and efficient way.

The advantage of the deep local roots of ‘Global Group’, and our understanding of the country, its people and culture, it’s economy and politics, it’s wealth of resources, business environment and the will to be part of the industrial development of Tanzania, we have mastered ways and means to identify opportunities, to put them on to the drawing board, to mobilize a think tank on how to create, plan, and implement any type of project whilst remaining in harmony with the government of Tanzania.

The strong belief of the management in having a broad vision in wealth creation and growth, an ambition of never giving up and partnering with the right people, drives us to focus in achieving success for our customers.

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