Tanzania’s Investment Climate

It is worth to note that Tanzania is an emerging economy with high growth potential. Whilst the economy is relatively diversified, a number of opportunities remain untapped in many sectors including agriculture, tourism, telecommunications, mining, fishing, forestry, manufacturing, construction and the energy industries. Notwitstanding the country's natural resources endowments. Tanzania's investment Policy is one of the best in Africa as demonstrated here in below:

  • Openness to Foreign Investment
  • Tanzania is formally open to foreign investment in all sectors. Tanzania was named Africa's best investment promoter at the Africa Investment Promotion Agencies 2004 competition, where the TANZANIA Investment Centre (TIC) received the first prize among 48 African countries. The TIC provides certificates of incentives on approved projects that have a minimum investment of USD 300,000 if foreign owned and USD 100,000 if locally owned.
  • Conversion and Tranfer Policies

Tanzania allows unconditional transfer through any authorized bank in freely convertible currency of net profits, repayment of foreign loans, royalities, fees, charges in respect to foreign technology, and remittance of proceeds.

  • Performance Requirements and incentives

Tanzania offers a well balanced package of investment benefits and incentives that are applied uniformly to all investors (domestic and foreign investors)

  • Right to Private Ownership and Establishment

Tanzania observes the right of foreign and domestic private entities to establish and own business enterprises and engage in legl forms of remunerative activity. The Business Registration and Licensing Acts Provides the right of any local or foreign investor to freely establish private entities; to own property both movable and immovable; to acquire and dispose off property including interest in business enterpises and intellectual property.


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